Sacramento Delta 2012

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Exploring Sacramento and the Delta

On a stormy weekend in March, we headed to Sacramento and the Delta as our "consolation vacation" to replace our cancelled car-camping trip to the desert. We spent a day being tourists in Sacramento followed by a couple of days exploring the Delta.

We visited historical towns, enjoyed a champagne brunch at the Grand Island Mansion and went in search of water resource developments and the Delta's fragile and vulnerable ecosystems and levees. In deciding where to go, we combined tour itineraries from educational trips to the delta, the Lonely Planet and Off the Beaten Path guidebooks and the Delta Chamber of Commerce. We also brought along a wonderful artist book, The Delta Primer: A Field Guide to the California Delta by Jane Wolff. See the resources page at the end of the slideshow for links and a downloadable PDF guide you can use.

We could have spent a week there and still not have seen everything we wanted to see - we'll definitely be going back to camp out when the weather is nicer and spend more time.

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