PCT Sonora Pass to Donner Pass, August 2017, 1 of 18 images


The start our 10-day 140-mile trek
Our optimistic smiles don't reveal how we breathlessly hiked to this point with full packs after driving that morning from sea-level to 9,655 feet and climbing to 10,500 feet. Despite our physical struggles, we were so happy to be back on the trail, basking in sweeping views of the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness and looking forward to hiking through the watersheds of Ancient Lake Lahontan (Carson and Truckee Rivers) and the American River. Water, in all its forms, defined this trip: snowfields, stream crossings, lakes thunderstorms and hail, along with long waterless stretches. For those who love maps, I've included one that shows our entire trip at the end of this photo essay (image #18).