Fall Colors, Eastern Sierra, October 2011
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Fall colors in Lundy Canyon, looking east
Lundy Canyon, looking east

Hiking Lundy Canyon at the peak of fall colors has been on my wish list for a long time. We really got lucky: the aspen leaves were brilliant golds with accents of orange and the weather was perfect with daytime temperatures in the 70s. We also had a little help from a couple of helpful websites that track the fall colors - links at the end of the photo essay.

Beaver Dam and fall colors in Lundy Canyon
Beaver Dam

The hike up Lundy Canyon begins near a rather large beaver dam and pond. I would love to see these industrious creatures in action. Lundy Falls, one of the beautiful waterfalls in this canyon, is just beyond the beaver pond.

Brilliant color in fall leaves in Lundy Canyon

Found while hiking off trail to get a better view of one of the beautiful waterfalls in Lundy Canyon.

Fall colors at Conway Summit
Conway Summit

View from the pass between Bridgeport and Lee Vining.

Link to website with helpful fall color information:California Fall Color