Cover of BayNature Winter 2023 issue
2023, Genre Defying Art, Bay Nature

“Add climate change, land use, and Bay Area waterways into the mix, and it's safe to say her work is unlike anything else out there...For Gass, exquisite textiles are bestowed with political power... "

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Screenshot of BBC Cultural Frontline How climae change changed my life
2022, How climate change changed my life, BBC News - The Cultural Frontline

“Linda Gass uses her textile art to create a birds eye view of changing landscapes and the preciousness of water..."

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Cover of American Craft Magazine Summer 2021
2021, Sea Change, American Craft

“Cooley Landing near the south end of the San Francisco Bay was once a toxic landfill site. Linda Gass offers a bird's-eye view of the site in Cooley Landing: Life in Water (2015). Made of silk crepe de chine and hand-painted using...

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Cover of the Artists Magazine
2020, A Stitch in Time, Artists Magazine

“An affinity for landscapes and a fascination with water, combined with a lifelong interest in puzzle-solving, are key elements that inform the artist's intricately stitched, map­like quilted imagery that brings the effects of climate change into ..."

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Screenshot of Square Cylinder Review
2020, Review in Square Cylinder

“Her work is remarkable for how it transforms complex, often dry ecological data into lyrical objects. The most jarring piece in the show is Dogpatch, the sea is rising, a triptych demonstrating the predicted rise in sea level..."

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Generic placeholder image
2019, Interview by KQED Arts

“The Museum of Craft and Design sits in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, within walking distance of the Bay. So when the museum asked Los Altos artist Linda Gass to come up with something new for a show about climate..."

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Cover of Content Magazine
2019, Artist Profile, Content Magazine

“The highlight is certainly the water, not just in texture but in color. Through silk painting, this artist commingles an ever-changing blend of aquamarine and turquoise, cyan and seafoam. Her H2O interest was initially fostered by..."

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Cover of Fiber Art Now
2019, Artist Profile, Fiber Art Now

“Gass hikes this landscape, lives in it, studies and researches it, and creates for it. She wants us all to look carefully, to see her work, imploring, "There is something that happens there." She asks us to take note, to see the beauty as well ... "

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Cover of Earth Island Journal
2016, Profile, Earth Island Journal

“Linda Gass grew up in Los Angeles in the 1970s at a time when California was, pretty much like now, going through a prolonged drought. How then, she often wondered as a young girl, was everything so green? Whats with the lawns, ..."

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Article in San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
2012, Profile, San Francisco Chronicle

“The art studio of Linda Gass is an old high school geology classroom that she has painted in hues of water...On a break from her sewing machine, she draws a glass of Tuolumne River tap water and sits in a blue camp chair on a chartreuse rug..."

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Cover of Surface Design Journal
2011, Review, Surface Design Journal

“At its best, the show inspired contemplation, beginning with the opening work, Treatment?, Gass's exquisitely quilted, hand-painted reproduction of an aerial photograph depicting a water treatment plant on San Francisco Bay ..."

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Cover of Fiber Arts Magazine
2010, Creative Flow, Fiber Arts

“Providing aerial views of an oil refinery ... on the shore of San Francisco Bay, the beguiling works lure the viewer in close with rich hues, intimate forms, and exquisite craftsmanship, leading to engagement with the political subtext..."

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Cover of Art Papers
2010, Review, Art Papers

“More importantly, they require us to reconsider, and ultimately revise, the conventional use of ugliness to depict industrial waste, sewage, and garbage. Might not this strategy paradoxically produce an even greater awareness of ..."

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Cover of Art Calendar
2010, Artist Profile, Art Calendar

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the stitched paintings on silk by artist Linda Gass speak volumes about her passions for water conservation and preserving the environment. A former software engineer with degrees from..."

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Cover of Surface Design Journal
2006, Feature, Fiber Arts

“Gass's work seeks to bring awareness to the challenges of water resource management in California and the American West. By using vivid and beautiful imagery, she hopes to bring focus to the projects that have brought industry an   ..."

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Cover of On Earth Magazine
2006, Silk Road, On Earth Magazine

“California artist Linda Gass finds beauty in unlikely places, hand-painting silk crepe de chine to make exquisite quilts. This one depicts Interstate 5 crossing the California Aqueduct, a man­made river built to irrigate farm fields ..."

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