Yosemite, February 2016
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Giant Sequoia in Tuolumne Grove
Giant Sequoia

We stopped at the Tuolumne Grove on our way to Yosemite Valley and did the 2.5 mile round-trip hike to see the Giant Sequoias.

Tunnel Tree in Tuolumne Grove
Tunnel Tree

The Tuolumne Grove has one of the tunnel trees that served as attractions for people to drive through, although it's no longer a living tree. You can't drive through it but the upper part of the tree is beautifully sculpted by nature.

Sun setting on El Capitan and Half Dome

The sun was setting when we arrived in the valley. I couldn't resist sharing these photos of El Capitan and Half Dome.

Dewey Point Panorama comparison between 2015 and 2016
Dewey Point Panorama

On our second day we went up to Badger Pass and snowshoed out to Dewey Point. Last year we did the same trip in January and there was so little snow that we hiked the entire way in hiking boots. This year we were glad to have snowshoes and happy to see a lot of snow in the high country. At the top is panorama view from this year and below is last year's for comparison.

Drought Stressed Trees
Drought Stressed Trees

On our way out to Dewey Point, we passed many drought stressed trees - a lot of brown branches on the trees as well as whole dead trees.

'Comparison of Dying Trees from Valley View between 2010 and 2016
Dying Trees in Valley View

We often get a great view of the valley when returning from Badger Pass in the late afternoon. In this year's photo on the left, you can see how many brown trees there are; compare this to the carpet of green in the photo on the right from 2010

Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake

On our last day we walked out to Mirror Lake and we were treated to this glassy reflection.

Parting Shot
Parting Shot

Rob and me at Dewey Point with the Yosemite High Country behind us.